Executive Summary

The year 2021 may be considered the breakout year for Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs) whose popularity has skyrocketed. Millions of dollars’ worth of NFTs have been sold, such as the 10,000 Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT collection or the blinking GIF Fomo or the digital painting “Everydays: The First 5000 Days.” These NFTs are worth millions of dollars too with some specific collections being valued at over $1 billion dollars. Being in relative obscurity since their creation in 2012, NFT have enabled the digital art market to truly soar.  Artists now have access to an open-sourced, online platform to sell their art rather than relying on art galleries to display their digital art.

Similar to cryptocurrencies, NFTs live on the blockchain, which is a transaction-tracking decentralized ledger. Since NFTs are “non-fungible,” they each have their own unique fingerprint. All transactions are tracked and recorded as well as allows for potential royalty paybacks for artists. And it’s secure so it can prevent any attempts at forgeries or reproductions of the original masterpiece. The NFT effectively functions as proof of original ownership and authenticity. Your NFT is truly special!

A collaboration with Crypto.com, Kingston Imperial, T-Pain, Maxwell Britten, Kathy Iandoli and anthologized with the expertise of renowned French VFX 3D Artist, TraumAmnesia, the Can I Make You A Drink (aka “CIMYAD”) NFT collection is truly an amazing series of digital art and drink recipes. The collection has 9 different unique 3D VFX Animation with recipe card collectibles and a total of 8,201 unique editions ranging from Legendary, Limited and Standard edition formats. Yet, there’s more to be offered! One of the CIMYAD NFTs can get you exclusive access to contests offering luxury goods and incredible parties. Launching on June 15th 2022 at 11 am EST on Crypto.com, our CIMYAD NFT collection is sure to make a big splash.

What is an NFT?

Recently, NFTs have gained traction in the news headlines, particularly for Jack Dorsey’s first tweet that sold for millions of dollars. However, not everyone knows about NFTs let alone cryptocurrencies and the blockchain. To explain NFTs, we will first dive into their predecessor cryptocurrencies, because both tokens rely on the blockchain for their existence.

By now, most people have likely heard of cryptocurrencies, such as the mainstream ones including Bitcoin, Ethereum, or even the alt-coin Dogecoin. Since Bitcoin launched in 2008, cryptocurrencies are a decentralized, digital asset that doesn’t rely on a centralized institution to manage and authorize the value of the currency. Rather, they are designed to be traded over the internet and not beholden to any centralized financial institution or government regulation. When buying cryptocurrency (and later NFTs), you will first need to establish your crypto wallet, which is a device or program that allows you to transfer and store cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrencies can be transferred on a peer-to-peer network known as the blockchain. The blockchain is a public, distributed ledger that records bitcoin transactions in code with each one being implemented as a chain of blocks. Anyone can participate on the blockchain—no one has control over it. The blocks are then linked together on a chain of previous cryptocurrency transactions, also known as a cryptographic hash or “fingerprint.” The hash is an algorithm that produces the same output when given the exact same input file. Software logs each transaction as it happens so it is not lost or destroyed, enabling its authenticity. Known as “proof of work,” they can be processed peer-to-peer without the need for a trusted third party. If an input is altered, then the output would not be the same and the “fingerprint” changes. Every copy of the blockchain is updated simultaneously so the record of a transaction is identical and accurate.

Similar to cryptocurrencies, NFTs are issued on a blockchain—usually Ethereum or Flow—with their own “fingerprint” that enables them to be uniquely stamped. NFTs are “non-fungible” because they cannot be replaced or duplicated, much like a rare baseball card or the original Mona Lisa painting. While they can look alike, they are inherently original. Unlike cryptocurrency that is considered fungible and tradeable, NFTs are designed to be unique. NFTs can be anything digital, such as a drawing, music, gif, AI, digital art, a tweet, and more. They are bought and sold on the blockchain, usually through an online marketplace platform such as OpenSea or Crypto dot com. Cryptocurrencies are the only coin permitted to purchase NFTs, but not all platforms accept all types of crypto.

What makes each NFT fungible is the code that stamps the ownership of a certain asset. Each NFT is a unique token tied to specific data, usually a digital content file, and governed by a smart contract. The process of converting a media file or photograph into an NFT is called “minting.” The NFT is written into the blockchain with its very own unique fingerprint. While NFTs could be issued as a series of copies, each individual NFT has its own signature code and can be distinguished from its digital siblings. However, they cannot be copied and pasted to make more NFTs. Additionally, NFTs can only have one official owner at a time. NFTs can be owned by a specific person or a group of people.  Ownership records on the blockchain cannot be modified.

Powered by “smart contracts,” NFTs use these programs stored on the blockchain to automate the execution of a sale agreement between the NFT owner and buyer. For NFT sales, the smart contract’s programming enables the network to store the information that is indicated within an NFT transaction. The information is transparent and mutable. Smart contracts are self-executing and can check the terms of the contract have been satisfied. They can also execute terms without the involvement of a third party or intermediary. All participants can be immediately certain of the outcome, without any intermediary’s involvement or time loss due to faulty contract negotiations. The information can be easily accessed on the blockchain, rather than collecting dust in some lawyer’s office.

Smart contracts enable NFTs to have permanent identification information, as alluded above, and to link to other digital assets, handling royalty payments, copyrights, merchandise sales, display instructions, and sell-on percentage clauses. They cover the actual rights being sold, known as the NFT license, which provides clarity on the rights transferring with the NFT upon its sale. The terms could be different for each sale, so they can be encoded into the blockchain to reflect this information. Also, smart contracts ensure that NFTs cannot be divided into smaller units to be sold (unless the smart contract permits it) or counterfeited, so they further enable NFTs to remain unique, digital assets. They verify the authenticity of the NFT by identifying the creator from the outset as well as its wallet address and its linked metadata on the blockchain. So, when you purchase an NFT, you can be assured that it is authentic, safe, unique, and the original piece.

History of NFTs

First appearing in 2012, NFTs have been created for a number of areas but have especially exploded in the online gaming space. Before NFTs entered the online video gaming world, players would spend money to buy skins or weapons for their characters. Yet, when they buy NFTs in the video games, these digital tokens are their property. In 2020, about half of all NFTs sold were to gamers. However, NFTs aren’t just for gamers—artists have used this medium to expand their creative portfolio. With traditional artwork, artists often do not receive sell-on benefits from selling their art. With NFTs, artists can use the smart contracts to write clauses where they will receive a sell-on percentage or royalties upon secondary sales or auctions at a later time. Also, NFTs have even become collector’s items. Some of the earliest and popular collector NFTs were CryptoKitties and CryptoPunks. Then other NFT digital art collections entered the scene, including the very popular Bored Ape Yacht Club. NFTs have also been utilized to capture key sporting moments as collectibles, such as NBA Top Shot moments. The creative possibilities with NFTs are endless.

Because NFTs are a new phenomenon, existing laws and regulations have not really caught up, causing some legal uncertainties with this digital medium. Yet, NFTS have become an economic juggernaut, especially for digital art pieces. In 2021, NFTs generated $17.7 billion in sales, an increase of 200x from 2020 with sales at $82.5 million. The CryptoPunks started the NFT phase, which now sell between $350,000 and $500,000, but one has fetched $11.7 million. The other popular NFT, the Bored Ape Yacht Club, are also selling in the millions. Their sales are expected to continue to grow as more creators, buyers, and sellers move into the NFT verse.

NFTs As Digital Artwork

The art market is being revolutionized one NFT minting at a time. NFTs have opened up new worlds for artists to mint their art, sell it in the online marketplace, collaborate with other artists, experiment with digital mediums, improve their ownership over their art, collect future payments, and be able to think outside the box. Gone are the middlemen agents, dealers, and auctioneers! NFTs have changed the game for “starving” artists. Artists get to keep more of the royalties from their creations through such clauses in the NFTs’ smart contracts, so it’s a mega win for artists getting paid. Also, NFTs are far more liquid than traditional art pieces, the latter of which has to be sold either privately or in traditional auctions, so they can be bought and sold more easily. Some NFT artists have even become millionaires overnight—just ask Beeple!

Celebrities, tech gurus, average janes and joes, and anyone with a little bit of digital curiosity are buying NFTs. These digital artworks are more than just gifs these days. NFTs can be minted from almost anything digital, from Harry Style’s cardigan to a video game clip to digital illustrations to crypto cocktails to digital tickets for a concert. NFTs might also be linked to a physical asset in addition to the digital one, such as concert tickets, shoes, movie scripts, and even wine.

NFTs have presented an amazing new world for artists to move their creative works into the digital space. They are fantastic mediums for creators to partner with a whole host of artists to execute the ultimate NFT experience. While some NFTs exist as solely as digital artwork, more of them have started adding extra perks to make the NFT a more holistic experience.

What Makes Our NFTs Different

The opportunity to mix digital art with music, literature, and culinary delights is exceptional. Collaborating with the well-known Crypto.com, Kingston Imperial creative minds T-Pain, Maxwell Britten, and Kathy Iandoli have joined forces to create their own ultimate NFT experience that mixes music, art, literature, and cocktails. Actually, we’ve created not just NFT digital art but a whole party experience that only our NFT collectors will be able to enjoy the moment they become a part of our family.

In 2007, “rappa ternt sanga” T-Pain released his hit single “Can I Buy U A Drank (Shawty Snappin’),” which propelled him to mainstream artist royalty. Since then, the Tallahassee, Florida native has secured his position as one of the most successful and diverse artists in the world. His stardom all started with a song about liquor.

T-pain loves to make drinks. He has curated several drink recipes to reflect one of his hit songs. Drink by drink, T-Pain explores levels of new flavors to create recipes that can be used for parties, pre-games, or a quiet night at home. Since T-Pain is known for unorthodox mixes in his music, you can expect some exotic drink recipes along with some classic cocktails modified by T-Pain himself.

T-Pain’s critically acclaimed literary debut Can I Mix You A Drink? 50 Cocktails from My Life & Career (November 2021, Kingston Imperial) has steadily risen up the ranks as an authoritative recipe guide, inspired by his many Platinum hits. The book combines unique drinks with an experience that only T-Pain can provide. It combines T-Pain’s love of mixology and music in book form where he sets cocktails to music beats and offers hilarious anecdotes. Additionally, the book is being released in time with T-Pain’s podcast, “Nappy Boy Radio,” a fun, crazy and in your face conversation among friends of the legendary artist, which allows listeners a first-hand look into the world of T-Pain. 

About The Drop

Can we make this collaboration any more amazing? Yes, we can! The Can I Mix You A Drink? book experience is entering the NFT world. Collaborating with Crypto.com, this commemorative NFT series is a curated collection inspired by T-Pain’s genius and anthologized with the expertise of renowned French VFX 3D Artist, TraumAmnesia. In collaboration with renowned mixologist Maxwell Britten and curated by critically-acclaimed writer and author Kathy Iandoli, each drink represents a sentiment from one of T-Pain’s hit songs. T-Pain explores new flavor levels drink by drink to produce formulas suitable for parties, pre-games, or a quiet night at home. While known for his unconventional musical blends, you can expect the same from his drinks. Whether you’re a fan of T-Pain or a fan of making cocktails, Can I Mix You A Drink? is a creative and delicious addition to any collection. It is sure to up your mixology game and NFT collection.

But wait, there’s more! With our NFT collection, we will also be adding a token-gated section on the discord that will serve as virtual utility. With a purchase of an NFT, owners can download a digital copy of T-Pain’s best-selling book in addition to more amazing benefits. We will have RSS feeds to T-Pain’s podcast and twitch server for more interactive fun. You get access to exclusive content.

With 9 different unique 3D VFX Animations—with recipe card collectibles and a total of 8,201 unique editions ranging from Legendary, Limited, and Standard edition formats—The CIMYAD Collection will be taking place on August 1st, 2022 at 10pm Eastern Daylight Time. Purchase of two packs or more provides entry to our USA CIMYAD Collection Sweepstakes, where big prizes and exclusive experiences are up for grabs! Please see Terms and Conditions. Enjoy the world’s very first drop of hit music-inspired recipes! Journey through time and space, collect legendary to standard edition packs, and unlock your way into the CIMYAD metaverse!

Along with a redeemable copy of Can I Mix You a Drink?, we’ve been committed to this project so we created a contest for more added fun. With any two purchases of Legendary, Limited, or Standard packs of the CIMYAD Collection NFTs, all collectors and participants are eligible to enter the CIMYAD Collection Sweepstakes for a chance to win first-class experiences and a brand-new Lamborghini. After 90 days, all winners will be announced and notified. Be sure to check out the terms and conditions for more details. Yet, our NFT collection is more than just a chance to win a prize—rather, we are building the best nightlife metaverse experience for our NFT club members.

Missed the first Drop? Not to worry, we will be releasing more NFTs and hosting parties in the near future. The collaboration will release a series of drops related to this particular project, which will likely happen in a couple months after the first drop. Plus, the partners want to expand the NFT drop into 5 seasons with 10 art works per season plus more chances to win amazing prizes, such as luxury experiences or a high-billed exotic car. Every month, we will also drop a new drink recipe so you can keep expanding your mixology skills and palate.

Want to know more info about all the perks of being an NFT owner? The NFT drops will also host a secret party around the same time as the sweepstakes winners will be announced. We want to provide additional value for our NFT holders by creating incredible events that only enhance the experience. If they can attend the event, NFT owners will get to attend the ultimate event. Their NFTs will function as tokens to get access to the gated party. While the NFTs inherently function as digital art, they are also recipe cards for T-Pain’s drinks. The party will feature the recipes from the NFTs and pour “Non-fungible Beverages” for attendees. People will have a chance to drink their own NFT’s recipe at the party. Also, we will be doing an airdrop on the day of the party where any NFTs current holders will have the opportunity to access even more NFT collectibles. The event itself will have live music, an open bar, food cooked by celebrity chefs, and great music of course.

Our NFT collection serves more than just digital art and drink recipes. They are the building blocks for one of the first nightlife projects in the metaverse. No other NFT minter has combined a famous recording artist, amazing drinks, exclusive access to parties, and chances to win incredible prizes. Our NFT collection creates the ultimate party experience that only owners can enjoy! Talk about exclusivity!

About The Creator

T-Pain is a Grammy Award winning multi-Platinum recording artist, actor, and entrepreneur. Born Faheem Rasheed Najm, T-Pain has sold over 50 million records, won six Grammy Awards, and released seven albums. In 2019, T-Pain became the first winner of The Masked Singer, as the Tallahassee, Florida native aimed to show the world he was much more than the perfecter of Auto-Tune. T-Pain is also a brand ambassador, cartoon voiceover talent, podcast host, and the “dean” of Wisconsin University.

Maxwell Britten is a New York City-based hospitality executive and entrepreneur whose occupation as an industry leader has spanned over 15 years. From his role as former Bar Director to Brooklyn’s James Beard Award Winning Maison Premiere, Chief Brand Officer to The Liquor Cabinet and most recently Managing Partner of The Django at The Roxy Hotel Tribeca. Maxwell has always been deeply passionate about innovation and the community of hospitality as a means to evolve the industry. Maxwell is a Project Manager for BBD Labs, Chief Cocktail Curator with The Auberge Resort Collection and Board Advisor to WineView.

Kathy Iandoli is a critically acclaimed journalist, author, award winning podcaster, and documentarian. To date, she has released more than five books, including God Save The Queens: The Essential History of Women in Hip-Hop and Baby Girl: Better Known As Aaliyah. Kathy is also a Professor of Music Business at New York University and serves as on-air talent in film, radio, and television.

TraumAmnesia is a French VFX/3D artist. With an endless imagination for 3D Animation possibilities, he has masterfully explored his artform through several mediums. With experience in creative projects and collaborative work with legacy brands such as Sony, Braun, and Porsche, TraumAmnesia continues to build his reputation as a commendable artist in the web3 space.


The digital art world is rapidly changing with the rise of NFTs. Their meteoric rise in popularity and economic powerhouse have made them here to stay. Additionally, the whole NFT experience is evolving as we become more sophisticated and the popularity of NFT sales continues to rise. NFTs provide a new way for artists like T-Pain to connect with fans plus opening up opportunities for unique collaborations with a whole host of artists and NFT enthusiasts.

We recognized that the NFT space in the metaverse is exploding and wanted to find new ways to build on T-Pain’s creative efforts. The CIMYAD Collection is truly one-of-a-kind NFT experience. We created this NFT collection to promote new experiences for NFT collectors as well as creating the ultimate, exclusive metaverse party atmosphere. After purchasing one of our NFTs, you become a part of an exclusive, party club that only CIYMAD holders can belong to. Combining digital art with music, mixology, written works, crypto experience, and a festive atmosphere truly makes the Can I Make You A Drink? NFT collection a one-of-a-kind world.

The CIMYAD Collection

Content Content Type NFT Quantity # of Edition s 
Time Machine  (Collectibles NFT)  1 2000
Neon Lights  (Collectibles NFT)  1 1250
Monster Mash  (Collectibles NFT)  1 1150
Nightmare  (Collectibles NFT)  1 1075
Red Cup  (Collectibles NFT)  1 1075
I'm So Hood  (Collectibles NFT)  1 725
Soul On Fire  (Collectibles NFT)  1 500
Shawty Get Loose  (Collectibles NFT)  1 425
Wake Up Dead  (Collectibles NFT)  1 1