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T-Pain’s critically acclaimed literary debut Can I Mix You A Drink? 50 Cocktails from My Life & Career (November 2021, Kingston Imperial) has steadily risen up the ranks as an authoritative recipe guide, inspired by his many Platinum hits. The book combines unique drinks with an experience that only T-Pain can provide.

In collaboration with renowned mixologist Maxwell Britten and curated by critically acclaimed writer and author Kathy Iandoli, each drink represents a sentiment from one of T-Pain’s hit songs. T-Pain explores new flavor levels drink by drink to produce formulas suitable for parties, pre-games, or a quiet night at home. While known for his unconventional musical blends, you can expect the same from his drinks.

The Can I Mix You A Drink? x Crypto.com curated collection is a commemorative NFT series inspired by T-Pain’s genius and anthologized with the expertise of renowned French VFX 3D Artist, TraumAmnesia.

With 9 different unique 3D VFX Animations—with recipe card collectibles and a total of 8,201 unique editions ranging from Legendary, Limited, and Standard edition formats—The CIMYAD Collection will be taking place on August 1st, 2022 at 10pm Eastern Daylight Time. Purchase of two packs or more provides entry to our USA CIMYAD Collection Sweepstakes, where big prizes and exclusive experiences are up for grabs! Please see Terms and Conditions. Enjoy the world’s very first drop of hit music-inspired recipes! Journey through time and space, collect legendary to standard edition packs, and unlock your way into the CIMYAD metaverse!

Building the nightlife metaverse


Collect legendary to standard special edition collections from the Official Can I Mix You A Drink? Metaverse


We come from all walks of life. Enthusiast of great music, new and seasoned followers of web3, fans of craft cocktails and even bigger fans of great parties. Join our community, to share music, recipes and engage with the newest party on the blockchain.


Leading experts in the bar industry including the mixologist behind Can I Mix You a Drink?, Maxwell Britten will be on hand to share insights on the original recipes created for Can I Mix You A Drink? Whether you are new to craft cocktails, the blockchain or web3 communities, we invite you to a community of verified leaders in the space offering experiences to learn about the CIMYAD collection, cocktails and web3.


  • Q3 2022 Launch Season 1 CIMYAD Collection

    ○ Discord, Social Media verticals and project introduced to the market
    ○ Whitelisting contests

  • Q3 2022 Whitelist 1000 Discord Members To Allow List

    ○ July 5th, 2022-July 29th, 2022
    ○ Allowing up to 8 NFTs per wallet on Mint day
    ■ 250 Friends and Family Crypto Cocktails (FCC)
    ■ 250 Partner Crypto Cocktails (PCC)
    ■ 500 Community Crypto Cocktails (CCC)

  • Q3 2022 Minting Season 1 CIMYAD Collection

    ○ 8,201 Crypto Cocktails (CC)
    ■ 2000 Time Machines
    ■ 1250 Neon Lights
    ■ 1150 Monster Mash
    ■ 1075 Nightmare
    ■ 1075 Red Cup
    ■ 725 I’m So Hood
    ■ 500 Soul On Fire
    ■ 425 I’m Sprung
    ■ 1 Wake Up Dead

  • Q4 2022 all holders are able to redeem their NFTs

    ○ All redeemables are final and non-transferable after the 90 day hold period is complete.

  • Q4 2022 Sweepstakes Winners are announced

    ○ First and Second Prize Winners are announced
    ○ Grand Prize winner is announced

  • Q4 2022 CIMYAD Collection Season 2 Date Announcement

  • Q4 2022 End of Season 1 Party

    ○ NFT Gated Secret Party announced
    ○ Use your NFTs to RSVP to a night out with the CIMYAD Collection community in 1 US City as the finale to Season 1.
    ○ Use your NFTs to experience the original CIMYAD IRL party, with music, food and you guessed it cocktails! Get to drink your NFT with the rest of the CIMYAD community!

  • Q1 2023

    ○ Season 2 details revealed
    ○ Sneak preview of new collection
    ○ Season 1 holder air drops

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